The fabric of a mountaineering bag is as important as the face of a person.Good fabrics can make your mountaineering bag of outstanding performance, provide you with infinite convenience outdoors.So what are the typical fabrics for a backpack?

First, explain two proper terms: D&T

D– denier =g/L*9000, where G is the weight (g) and L is the length (m) of the thread. You don’t actually have to memorize any formula, it actually expresses the weight of the wire per unit length.The larger the number before D, the heavier the cloth of the same area.The smaller the number in front of D, the thinner its line and the less dense it is

For example, the 210D material, especially fine grain, is generally used as the lining of the bag or the compartment.And 900D or 1000D material grain is thick, the line is also thick, very wear-resisting, use as pack bottom commonly.

T– The T in fabrics, generally speaking, is polyester taffeta, a kind of nylon, made of imitation silk, which is generally used as the outer and inner curtain of the tent, to be light and firm.