How backpack manufacturers ensure product delivery

People know that backpack manufacturers have a delivery date for custom-made backpacks. In the past, factories took this very seriously. As long as they promised the customer’s delivery time, they would make a loss even if they lost money.

Today, today’s people It is more impetuous, and the energy is not fully focused on making products, so there will be many problems of delaying customer delivery. This is nothing new in the entire luggage industry. This situation often makes it difficult for both parties to do it. Manufacturers reduce profits and continue to In production, customers have to have a statement in front of the dealer, which is often a price reduction.

So, as a responsible backpack manufacturer, how should we ensure the production cycle of the product?

We briefly mention a few points here. The first thing to talk about is the allocation of personnel. Everything is done by people. Why can’t it be done as expected? The problem must also lie in people. The company must have professional personnel in each position, such as buying The procurement of materials, the staff responsible for technical management and the merchandising staff are all essential, that is, we often say that one radish has one pit, and one person must not have a lot of things, so that it is easy for many people to have trouble. Lazy situation, employees are slack at work, and the product will definitely not come out.

The second thing to talk about is the issue of front-line employees. A regular factory must have most of the employees who are full-time and stable. If the employees are unstable, it is easy to have product quality problems. Always changing people in a process is definitely easy to make mistakes. Stable The staff is the guarantee of product quality.
The last thing I want to say is that senior managers must have a sense of responsibility, especially the boss must have the concept of product quality and delivery. They must not leave production and let the following management operations, which can easily make employees have the wrong concept. , the boss doesn’t care, why should we be so serious.