Diving material is a kind of synthetic rubber foam. It is delicate, soft and elastic. It is shockproof, heat-insulating, elastic, impervious and airtight. It is widely used in the manufacture of diving materials, so everyone has an easy-to-understand name for it: Neoprene.

In recent years, with the continuous reduction of costs and the vigorous deduction of many professional manufacturers, Neoprene it has become a new type of material that has been continuously expanded and expanded in the application field. Neoprene fits a variety of colors or functional fabrics, such as T cloth, LYCRA, N cloth, mercerized, nylon, OK cloth, imitation OK cloth, etc.

Tote bag made by neoprene.
1. Protect the product from wear and tear;
2. The material is flexible and reduces the damage of the product to the collision;
3. Light and comfortable, can also be used alone;
4. Stylish design;
5. Long-term use does not deform;
6. Dustproof, anti-static, anti-scratch;
7. Waterproof, non-breathable(Can make hollow out), can be washed repeatedly.

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