Analysis on the current situation and development prospects of China’s bags industry market

Analysis of the current situation and development prospects of China’s bags industry market

Bags & luggage have two connotations of practicality and decoration, covering all aspects of people’s work and life. Bags can be divided into four categories according to their purposes:

1) Business bags. Mainly in people’s work and business scenarios, such as computer bags, briefcases, etc.

2) travel bags. It mainly includes trolley luggage, travel backpacks, etc.

3) leisure bags. Mainly used for daily life or outdoor recreation, such as backpacks, ladies bags, wallets, outdoor sports bags etc.

4) Other uses. Mainly for some special purpose bags, such as camera bags, cosmetic cases, medical bags and so on.

In 2017, China’s plastic luggage industry sales revenue was about 207.304 billion yuan, the import value was about 3.353 billion yuan, the export value was about 107.575 billion yuan, and the domestic plastic luggage industry sales market was about 103.82 billion yuan.

According to the “2018-2024 China Internet + Plastic Bags Market Research And Investment Opportunity Analysis Report” published by Zhiyan Consulting, China’s luggage exports accounted for 70-80% of the world’s total luggage. bags products have a greater impact on the world of luggage trade.

With the introduction of various policies to encourage trade such as e-commerce, tariff-free zone and free trade zone in recent years, China’s import of bags has been increasing year by year. From the perspective of the import and export structure of China’s bags, China’s largest export volume of luggage is low-priced processed products, low in technical content, winning by quantity. Imported bags are mainly high-end bags with high quality, which has a big advantage in the Chinese bags market.

Positioning and unique style

Most of China’s bags company are mainly export-oriented. Many companies have no brands, no teams, and no channels, in terms of design innovation, independent brands, marketing network and other aspects, the gap between foreign brands and domestic brand is obvious. The development of China’s bags enterprises must have their own positioning. First of all, companies must do quality control through cost, and insist on the quality requirements. As far as China’s bags market is concerned, a company must adhere to the differentiated development path. In design, identify your own positioning and form your own unique style, make yourself on a differentiated business path.

Challenges and opportunities

With the rapid occupation of the market by e-commerce, although the traditional market will have a certain share, the Internet has become the main sales channel for bags. No matter which mode is chosen to operate, plastic bags companies need to be refined and managed in order to gain a place in the increasingly fierce market competition environment. the plastic bags industry has considerable market space, opportunities and challenges coexist.

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