Outdoor mountaineering bag selection skills, backpack capacity is not the bigger the better

When people are going to try outdoor travel, the first piece of equipment that many people buy is a backpack. For those with rich hiking experience, they know how big a backpack they need, but for beginners, they have little experience, so they generally try to choose A bigger backpack, here is a reminder, for inexperienced newbies, even the largest backpack for you may not always be able to hold the equipment on your list. What you need is a choice and throw away the useless things on the road.

Because each of us has different heights and physical strengths, the backpack does not need to be too large or too small, as long as it is suitable. Moreover, the larger the capacity of the backpack, the designer should consider more and heavier when designing. Therefore, the high-capacity backpack will use thicker fabrics and a more complicated carrying system. These small changes will make the high-capacity backpack heavier. The entire backpack has not loaded anything, just its own weight. It is already several kilograms, even several kilograms, and these weights cannot be eaten or drunk, and we have to carry them all the way.

Why do many outdoor equipment now say that their products are made of aerospace materials, in fact, it means that its products are not only high-quality, but also light, and the attribute of lightness has conquered many outdoor enthusiasts, because senior outdoor enthusiasts will Go for lighter gear. So no matter what, we should make our equipment lighter.

n fact, reducing equipment is not only about backpacks, but also tents, sleeping bags, etc. It is because we carry too many things and are too heavy, so large backpacks generally have to design a separate carrying system, and the carrying system itself is very heavy. , if the equipment we are carrying is very light, then there is no need for a carrying system at all, and the weight of the equipment can be reduced a lot

At present, mountaineering equipment is changing with each passing day. Before, the weight of a 60-70L large backpack was basically about 2.5-3 kg. Now, many backpacks with a 50-60L self-weight can reach a weight of 1.5 kg. For long-term hiking or mountaineering, These weights are a great burden in themselves, so when we choose a backpack, we not only look at the appearance, function, stitching, etc. of the backpack, but also the weight of the backpack itself.

Whether the backpack is good or not depends mainly on whether the size of the carrying system is correct. The advantage is that the size of the carrying system of most of the current backpacks can be adjusted, mainly divided into S, R, L, etc. New backpacks must be Adjust the size and use it.

There are also many lightweight backpacks. In fact, the design of these backpacks is relatively simple. They will simplify the carrying system. After the simplified carrying system, there are only two shoulder straps and a waist belt. Therefore, you must pay great attention to the packing skills of the backpack. Also observe the following rules:

1. Try to load things according to the load indicated by the manufacturer.

2. Do not rigidly pack the backpack.

3. Avoid putting things that are too hard, so as not to pierce the backpack fabric.

4. The fabrics of the new lightweight backpacks are relatively thin. In order to protect the backpack, please use the backpack cover as much as possible to protect the backpack from being scratched.

5. Avoid prolonged friction of the backpack.