Stylish outdoor backpack design aesthetics

Today, outdoor sports are widely admired by the masses of the people as a fashion. In the current outdoor backpack market, with the development of productivity and technology, including materials and production processes are maturing. The design elements of the outdoor backpack are gradually improved, not only to meet the needs of consumers for different outdoor sports, but also the innovative design of the details and structure of the product has been given more functions.

Keywords: Outdoor backpack, Design, Aesthetics

One: Analysis of material element

As an important guarantee for realizing the function of outdoor backpacks, especially in the special use environment, the materials of outdoor backpacks need to have the characteristics to meet the many needs of different consumers.

At present, the main materials of outdoor backpacks are mostly non-absorbent nylon and bubble expanded materials, Generally use 300D to 600D oxford cloth, nylon, polyester cloth, and other wear-resistant and lightweight materials. However, the texture, wear resistance, color and coating of different materials will be different.

The characteristics of nylon material are lightweight, fast drying, high strength, and the advantages of not easily absorbing moisture and mildew. Compared with other materials, the disadvantage is that it is not resistant to abrasion and cannot be exposed to high temperature for a long time.

At the same time, the structural design of the backpack has a certain influence on the choice of materials. For example, the material used for the bottom is stronger than the fabric, and it needs to be thicker and more durable to better realize the function of the backpack.

Combine with the material characteristics of the JINS outdoor backpack, the four-sided elastic fabric under the new technology research is a two-way elastic system to better adapt to human activities, closely combined with ergonomics design, ripstop and abrasion resistance.

Two: Analysis of structural aesthetic

As for the outdoor backpack structure research, the outdoor hiking bag is representative. The mountaineering bag has a large proportion of outdoor travel, and it has a wide range of people. Its structure has strong regularity, and it is easier to summarize its structural characteristics.

In terms of the spatial structure about outdoor mountaineering bag, the front structure includes a top binding position, a quick adjustment system, a bottom suspension system, a tightening plug, an elastic mesh belt, a zipper pouch, and the like. The reverse structure includes a cap storage bag, a thick shoulder strap, a water outlet, a chest buckle design, a waist tightening system and a back ventilation system.