A lifetime of unforgettable 2020 – JINS

The year 2020 is bound to be an extraordinary year. A sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has swept the world.

All countries and regions have adopted strict prevention and control policies to reduce the spread of the virus.

Enterprises and individuals have strictly implemented national policies and contributed to the fight against the epidemic.

Under the outbreak

In the face of the epidemic and its impact on the global market, all employees of Jinsheng bags manufacturer (JINS) have always been united and actively responded to the crisis and difficulties to forge ahead.

In the face of the resumption of work and production during the epidemic, JINS bags factory has always focused on customer needs and taken solving problems as its own responsibility.

On October 20, jinsheng was founded for 17 years. The special experience under the epidemic made jinsheng’s birthday of 17 years old very different.

Look back 17 years.

from a small workshops to a certain scale of specialized design and manufacturing of various types of bags factory in China.

Today’s achievements can not be separated from the past 17 years of Jinsheng’s in-depth understanding of the bags industry, customer service, strict quality control, but also cannot be separated from the customer’s trust, support and accompanying.

Backpacks, sports bags, tote bag,  ice bag, cosmetic bag, made by Jinsheng bag factory have been exporting to all over the world.

Jinsheng will continue to forge ahead

On the occasion of its 17th birthday, Jinsheng has made its business positioning more clear, that is, to provide customers with high-quality customized bags services.

On the one hand, Jinsheng will continue to focus on core-based OEM/ODM bag service, and will explore higher value, more sustainable growth of the JINS brand.

At the same time, service – oriented, quality-centered, Jinsheng is committed to becoming a more reliable bag factory for customers.