Three characteristics determine the price and value of customized backpack

As a backpack manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience, Jinsheng Bags introduces several characteristics that determine the price and quality of backpacks through its own experience, so that everyone can blindly compare prices when buying backpacks in the future.

1.First of all, let’s start with the material. This is the basis of the backpack. There are many kinds of fabrics, such as synthetic leather, PU, ​​cloth, and real leather. The cloth is very obvious. Some materials look the same to consumers, but they don’t know. The bottom material is different, some are PU back and some are PVC back. In many cases, the difference between the two will cause the material price to double. Therefore, the prices of products made with different types of fabrics are different.

2The second is the craftsmanship of backpack making. The craftsmanship of some backpacks is very complicated, ranging from dozens of craftsmanship to more than one hundred or even two hundred kinds of craftsmanship. This is undoubtedly a problem in the general environment of increasing personnel wages. One of the reasons why backpacks are expensive! For example, the front panel of some backpacks is a single piece of material, but the front panel of some backpacks does have several pieces of material stitched together. This difference alone doubles the cost of the manufacturing process.

3.The last thing I want to talk about is the accessories of the backpack. This can be seen and touched. Obviously, hardware accessories are more than twice as expensive as plastic ones. Some backpacks have a lot of hardware, so the cost will increase even more. Moreover, hardware is also divided into good and bad, and the price of long-time inventory hardware is very different from that of hardware made now. In this comparison, the price is even higher.

In short, the bags industry is very deep, let alone a layman, even the author’s years of experience in the industry are still need learn. So whether you are buying in retail or customizing backpacks in batches, you must find a serious manufacturer, and you must not look for a small bargain to find some manufacturers that you think are cheap, or that are not in line with the market price.